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Beer & Wine

Featured Beers

Catawaba Brewing White Zombie 5.1% ABV Belgian style witbier with orange zest and coriander $6.00
Bold Rock Carolina Apple Hard Cider 4.7% ABV Smooth and mellow with a blend of NC apples $6.00
Brevard Red Ale 5.5% ABV Ruby red color producing an unmistakable caramel flavor $6.00
Hi Wire Brewing Bed of Nails Brown Ale 6.1% ABV Malty and smooth with subtle notes of fig,plum, and toffee with a dry finish $6.00
Goose Island IPA 5.9 % ABV Bright citrus aromas with a bold hop flavor $6.00
Hi Wire Lager 4.6% ABV A true american lager made with pilsen malt with a delicate body and light hop profile $6.00
Dry Falls Brewing Mt Delay IPA 7.0% ABV A mix of cascade and mosaic hops with hints of stone fruit, citrus, and grapefruit $6.00
Asheville Brewing Ninja Porter 5.6% ABV A roasted smooth brown porter with a malty, chocolate finish $6.00

Updated 11/11/20

Other Beers

Bud Light $4.25
Budweiser $4.25
Yeungling $4.25
Yeungling Light $4.50
Michelob Ultra $4.50
Blue Moon $4.50
Miller Lite $4.25
Dos Equis $4.50
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Beer Flights

4 Beer Flight $8.50
6 Flight Beer $10.50


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White Wines
La Terre Chardonnay, California Smokey note with apple, honeysuckle, and vanilla flavors $5.75 / $20 BT
Lagaria Pinot Grigio, Italy Medium bodied, floral and fruity aromas of apple, apricot, and pear $7.50 / $28 BT
J Christoph Riesling, Germany Light but intensley fragrant with notes of floral and minerals $8.00 / $30 BT
Stemmari Moscato, Italy Crisp with perfumes of white flowers and smooth citrus notes $ 5.75 / $20 BT
Nobilo Sauvignon Blanc, New Zealand Notes of pineapple, elderflower, cantaloupe, and citrus $ 8.00 / $30 BT
Deloach Chardonnay, California Crisp with fresh fruit flavors of apple and pear $8.00 / $30 BT
Red Wines
La Terre Cabernet, California Medium bodied with berry, olive, and vanilla flavors $5.75 / $20 BT
Natura Malbec (Organic), Chile Deep in color with notes of blackberries and a hint of blackcurrant jam $8.00 / $30 BT
10 Span Pinot Noir, California Aromas of red berries followed by hints of floral notes $8.00 / $30 BT
Robert Mondavi Private Selection Cabernet Decadent aromas of black cherry, blackberry, toasty oak and coffee $8.00 / $30 BT

Other Beverages

Ginger Ale $2.75
Nehi Grape $2.75
Nehi Orange $2.75
A&W Rootbeer $2.75
Bottled Water $2.00